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Income Tax Preparation


We service our client's personal as well as business tax needs. We file for multiple types of business and provide a level of education for each client's unique situation.

Tax planning


One would think that this is geared more toward the business side, but we believe that even employees need to have a certain level of tax planning done.


Whether you do it yourself or outsource the operation, it must be done properly to maximize the effect it has on your business. Partnering with a firm who understands the concept is very important. Record keeping is something that can make or break a business. 

Professional team

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James & Chona Hall

We started this firm because the tax preparer industry lacked real education for its clients. Not only do we practice the tax advantages, but we show our clients what no one else has shown them. That is how to start winning in the tax game. 

Our services


Our services are centered around taxes and finances which are really one in the same concept. Both need a plan and both play a big part in your ability to make it to personal financial success.

What we offer


We provide virtual services with a high level of trust, dependability, reliability, and security. Our systems and methods are geared to benefit our clients and provide back end efficiency for our staff. We stand behind our work with our clients.



It's important to have someone who can not only give you the theory but also practical application. We provide education but also methods to add strategies to our clients annual basis. The goal is to minimize taxes, maximize refunds, and keep more cash in their pockets.