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Why use our service? You may be thinking that or perhaps I'm thinking about it for you. Either way,

its a great question. Think about your taxes over the past three years. It's possible that you've gone into a nice tax office and had them completed. It's possible you may have sat down, was asked some questions, and just as quick as it began, it was over. You received your normal refund or tax bill and no advice was given either way. Why would one who gets a refund need advice? Because, typically, that is the amount that you OVERPAID! If you had a tax bill owed, advice is definitely needed to ensure that you no longer have to owe. What I'm getting to is that most tax preparers and professionals are not equipped to help you in this regard. We practice and implement in our own tax lives the very things that we teach our clients. When is the last time your tax preparer or professional advised you on how you can really lower your tax burden or how you can MAXIMIZE your tax refund? 

James Hall - co-owner

James is the Senior Professional Tax Preparer. He is partnered with his wife and Co-Owner Chona Hall. Both are well versed in the tax laws and consistently looking to bring more understanding to taxpayers.