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We have a number of services designed to meet whatever the client need happens to be. We work with the following: 


Independent Contractors

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Multi-Member LLCs/Partnerships

S Corporations




As we gained the knowledge, we thought it would be best to start writing our own material. We have released one Ebook "Who Cares About Taxes?" with more to come over the next 6 - 18 months. The goal is to spread education and also perspective in terms of taxes. More people would CARE about taxes if they realized it was their own money they were losing and the IRS gives them a bit of control on how much to pay. 


Digital courses

We realize that some would rather to simply buy a course and go through the material on their own or as part of a bigger group. We have also released our first digital course "Who Cares About Taxes?" named after our Ebook. It goes into similar depth but provides it in a course framework for our students. This is just another way that we are looking to bring more education to taxpayers. 



We have also released the first of roughly 7-10 MasterClasses. They will be available as an online course and as a live multi-session class with live Q&A opportunities. We are excited about this channel of education because it will allow us to provide more of a classroom experience with the live Q&A and private setting. Students are added to our Facebook group after registration and will have access to the recordings for up to 2 weeks after the class. Our first one is Audit Proof Business Record Keeping and can be found here 

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