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We have a number of services designed to meet whatever the client need happens to be. We work with the following: 


Independent Contractors

Sole Proprietorships

Single Member LLCs

Multi-Member LLCs/Partnerships

S Corporations



Tax Preparation/Filing

Clients who use our Tax Preparation and Filing service will work with us through our Secure Client Portal. We have interviews designed to collect their information and a separate mobile app through our vendor that makes it easy to upload/scan documents. This is Tax Preparation made simple and efficient.


Prior Year Review

Our Prior Year Review service allows us to look at taxpayers prior year taxes for any errors as well as missed deductions, especially for businesses. This is a standalone service and is also part of our Year Round Planning service. No one wants to be caught off guard by an audit and unprepared. At the same time, no one wants to leave money on the table by not utilizing all of the available deductions.


tax planning

Tax Planning is important and through this service, we can work with clients to meet a few times a year and analyze their withholdings or estimated tax payments. No one likes to have unpleasant surprises during tax filing season where they find they owe hundreds or thousands. It's also a huge misconception that continuing to receive big refunds is a great thing. 


Whether you are a business owner or not, we have the right pricing to provide you with a professional tax preparation experience! 

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