Personal Tax Preparation

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. We are based out of West Virginia but are more than capable of servicing clients nationwide. We provide accurate tax preparation for the individuals tax situation. Through our software and education, we will ensure your taxes are prepared without any issues and with proficiency. We will offer free advice along with your tax preparation to allow individuals the opportunity to understand the options they have regarding tax minimization and reduction.


Even with the updates in technology and national tax firms offering products to where the average person can do their own taxes, it is still advised to see a tax professional. The reason for that is regarding the old addage that what you dont know can't hurt you. That is completely false. If one did not know that a pot was hot before they touched it, well surely they were hurt after finding it out the hard way. We are able to show our clientele how to avoid finding out the hard way that they have been overpaying their taxes for decades, or under-utilizing their deductions causing them to owe tax bills each year. With the right education and our partnership, even simple taxes can be ensured to be done correctly and to the best effect of the taxpayer.