As of June 1st, we are doing a Pre-Launch for two very key services. Both have been provided to our existing tax preparation client base and we are now extending them to others. Whether you do your own taxes, or have another professional do your taxes, both of these services can add and be of great benefit to you.


The Monthly Retention + Access Service (AKA Client Help Desk) is a valuable service. Throughout the year, questions arise concerning our taxes. How can we check to see if we are overpaying or not withholding enough? If I start a business, what are the necessary records to keep? How can I scale up my business without having a huge tax bill? These are just some of the questions we get routinely. Having a firm such as ours in your corner to be able to get your questions answered helps provide peace of mind, and guidance, and direction. You can spend hours searching on Google, or for the price of an entertainment membership, partner with our firm for simple advisory personal and business service.


The Year Round Plan service is one of our flagship products that serves our existing client well. Through this service, we are able to provide a partnership with our clients like no other. We engage with them via tax planning throughout multiple sessions of the year and offer a deeper complexity to tax advisory services to include helping them establish a tax plan and monitoring it throughout the year for any adjustments. This ensures that they are running the best plans for tax advantages with a knowable outcome for the following tax year. The goal is tax minimization and tax efficiency.


We are offering a limited amount of slots for the month of June, so, reach out to our firm to get locked in and partner with professionals to help you hit your goals and have an extra layer of accountability! We look forward to working with you!