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Document Scanner - How to Take And Upload Pictures

The best thing about uploading docs from your mobile is that you can use your device to take photos of your documents, crop and rotate them, and immediately upload it to our system. And if your document contains several pages, it will be saved as a single PDF file.

Here's how to scan your documents:

1. Go to the  Documents section, then tap on NEW and choose Scan Document.

2. Make a photo, then do the same thing for the next page. Once you've taken photos of all pages, tap the button showing the number of pages at the right. 

You will be presented with a preview of your PDF. Please review your photos, crop and rotate any of them, or add more photos by tapping the plus button if needed. Once you're satisfied with all photos, tap the  Upload button to proceed. 

3. You will see the tree view of all folders for your account. Select the appropriate folder, then click  SAVE. The document will be saved as PDF.

Uploading a Document From Your Device

To upload a document to TaxDome:

1. Go to the  Documents section, then to the Your Documents subsection, then tap on NEW and choose Upload Files.

2. You will see the tree view of all documents for your account. Tap the document upload button to the right of a folder of your choice, then locate the file on your device and select it. See Permitted file types to find out more on file types we allow. With all file types, the maximum upload size is 100 Mb.

3. If there are no folders, that means none have been created so far. You can add folders by tapping the three-dots icon to the right of the location of your choice and then selecting  New Folder.

4. Add as many files to different folders as you like. 

5. Tap  UPLOAD to add the document to the system.

Uploading a Zip Archive

To help you upload multiple files quickly, we now let you upload zip archives which contain multiple documents. Please note that our system allows zip files of up to 100 MB.

From the user side, zip files are uploaded just like other files. However, once a zip file has been uploaded, the system will handle it differently:

  1. The zip file is automatically unzipped.
  2. File types that are not allowed will not upload.
  3. Any folders included in your zip file are discarded. You will need to create folders in TaxDome to organize your files.
  4. The original zip archive you uploaded is deleted.

The end result is the same as if you had uploaded all files found inside the zip archive individually.