Our services

We have a variety of services centered around our tax education, preparation, and planning concepts. We are able to assist with all of them virtually through our simple secure client portal system. We look forward to discussing a service with you!

Personal Tax Preparation

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. We are based out of West Virginia but are more than capable of servicing clients nationwide. We provide accurate tax preparation for the individuals tax situation. 

Tax Planning


Tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual and small business clients is a core competency of the firm. Effective tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives and is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

Business Tax Preparation

The tax laws are written for business owners to succeed! What is the problem? Most business owners don't understand the tax write offs they have at their leisure. This is where we come in and help shed light on the tax advantages available to business owners.

Financial Education


We have partnered with a Personal Financial Success company to teach concepts and strategies that everyone can use on top of what they are currently doing. We educate on cash flow management, the three major ways income is taxed, debt elimination plans, and the importance of becoming an investor.


Bookkeeping is an important service to business owners in general. Whether you are a small business owner working out of your home or a traditional business operating out of a physical space, record keeping has to be a top priority for you and your business. Accurate records allow a business owner to take the proper deductions and leverage them to reduce their overall tax liability. This is why bookkeeping plays a significant role in any business.

Partner with a Non-Profit

Non-Profits provide services that go above and beyond! These companies usually are started out of a passion or mission that people can get behind and support their endeavvors. We have introduced our Non-Profit Partnership service. It is a way for us to give back! If you have a Non-Profit, we would like to partner with you through donating to your cause. Send us an inquiry and we will share with you the details. Each Non-Profit will receive a flyer to distribute to their supporters. Should any clients utilize our service from their referral organization, we will donate 30 % of the revunue generated to their cause at the end of the tax season. This is something that we are proud of and we look forward to the future partnerships!