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Tax season happens all year long


We have a number of services designed to meet whatever the client need happens to be.

We work with the following: 


Independent Contractors

Sole Proprietorships

Single Member LLCs

Multi-Member LLCs/Partnerships

S Corporations




We offer a simple concept of Bookkeeping depending on whether you want to use your software, or we use our preferred software. We bill on a monthly basis and enter into contracts with our clients so that we can both have the expectations set appropriately. The goal with bookkeeping is great records making it simpler for tax preparation compliance. 


tax planning

Tax Planning is a huge part of what we do and what we teach. We tell our clients that every financial plan that does not have a tax plan incorporated is incomplete. In short, we set up 3 or 4 sessions with our clients throughout the year. We check tax withholding, record keeping for businesses, and recommend guidance for both. Maybe a client is missing a few deductions that they should be tracking. Maybe their withholding is going to be too much or too little. Isn't it better to know that before Tax Filing season comes? 


Monthly Retention + Access

Our Monthly Retention + Access services is our Client Helpdesk service for Simple Tax and Business Advice. Imagine having our firm in your pocket each time you have a question or access to a one-time consultation at a 50% discounted price all for the price of an entertainment membership monthly.  As a standalone service, it brings great value to our clients. Bundled together with tax planning, it just makes PERFECT sense!

Year Round Planning bundles these services together maximizing our partnership with our clients. We also offer Compliance + Year Round Planning to make it complete. Imagine being able to get your Tax Filing completed, then transitioning into Tax Planning, access to our Client Help Desk, and optional Bookkeeping. All of a client's needs are met and controls are put in place for us to make the year a great one! Each session, we are checking records for business owners to ensure they are as Audit Proof as can be. We are also planning out deductions and talking tax strategies so that you pay only your fair share and not a penny more leveraging the wonderful IRS publications. We establish the Tax Plan and then help you run it while having the flexibility to make modifications throughout the year. That is Year Round Planning in a brilliant summary!

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